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Repair of electromagnets

Specialists of our company carry out major repairs of all types of lifting electromagnets, both imported and domestic production. The quality of repair of lifting electromagnets is ensured by careful monitoring of each stage of repair work and the use of the latest materials and technologies.

The main reasons for the failure of the lifting electromagnets

The main reasons for the failure of the load-lifting electromagnets are the breakdown of the coil on the case, the break of the conductor and the interturning short circuits in the coil, as well as voltage surges when switched on. And if the last reason can be eliminated using voltage converters that limit overvoltage, then with such factors as moisture and overheating it is more difficult to fight.

From the ingress of moisture into the electromagnet protects the casting mass, which seals the coil of the electromagnet inside the housing, as well as the terminal box cover and cable gland. Over time, microcracks may appear in the casting mass, through which moisture enters the electromagnet, which, in turn, can lead to a breakdown of the coil on the housing.

Another factor that reduces the life and leads to the need to repair the lifting electromagnet is overheating. Overheating leads to a drop in electrical insulation resistance. Operation of an electromagnet with a critical decrease in insulation resistance can lead to breakdown on the housing. To maintain the efficiency of an electromagnet, you can use heat-resistant lacquers and casting masses, increase the heat sink from the coil, finning the body of the electromagnet to increase the area, giving off heat. In some cases, the only measure is the temporary disconnection of the electromagnet when the critical temperatures are reached.

Our company provides testing and upgrading of lifting electromagnets, maintenance and repair work up to overhaul of lifting electromagnets.