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Repair of centrifugal pumps

Our organization performs the repair of pumps of the following types:

  1. cantilever unilateral suction,
  2. single stage double suction,
  3. multistage,
  4. sectional pumps,
  5. high pressure pumps,
  6. vertical,
  7. circulating.

Centrifugal pumps are classified by:

  • the number of steps (wheels); single-stage and multi-stage,
  • shaft type: cantilever and symmetrical double-support;
  • the location of the axis of the wheels in space pumps are: horizontal and vertical;
  • pressure: low pressure - up to 0.2 MPa, medium pressure - from 0.2 to 0.6 MPa, high pressure - more than 0.6 MPa;
  • method of supplying fluid to the impeller: with one-way or two-way inlet - double suction;
  • casing connector method: with horizontal or vertical connector;
  • the method of removal of fluid from the impeller into the body channel: spiral and blade. (In spiral pumps, the liquid is drained immediately into the spiral channel, and in the blade blades, the liquid first passes through a special device - a guide vane (fixed wheel with blades);
  • the speed coefficient ns (low-speed, normal, high-speed);
  • functional purpose (plumbing, sewage, fire, chemical, alkaline, oil, suction, etc.);
  • method of connection with the engine: drive (with a gear or with a pulley) or connection with an electric motor using couplings.