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Repair of turbo blowers and gas blowers

Our organization carries out repair of turbo-blowers and gas blowers of various configurations.

Turbo-blowers and gas blowers are designed to compress and suction air and non-aggressive gases. They can be used at chemical, metallurgical, coke-chemical enterprises, yeast and sugar plants, power plants, industrial ventilation systems and pneumatic conveying devices, sewage treatment plants, etc. Gas blowers differ from blowers only in the most complex shaft seal design, in particular this applies to gas blowers for operation with toxic and explosive gases.

The turbo blowers are identical in design and operation principle to high-pressure circular fans. Depending on the number of impellers, single-stage and multi-stage turbo blowers are distinguished. The design of the impeller (turbine) of a turbo blower is more difficult than that of a fan, because it rotates at substantially higher peripheral speeds and makes the highest pressure.