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Repair of turbocompressors of the K-250, K-500 series

Our organization performs repair of various types of turbochargers.

Centrifugal compressors of the type K-250, K-500, K-525, K-1500, K-1700, TsK-135/8, TsTK-275/9, KTK-7/14, KTK-12,5 / 35, etc. ., designed to compress and move atmospheric air (gas) and supply it to the network of compressed air (gas) of metallurgical, machine-building plants, mines and other enterprises.

The compressor unit consists of a compressor, a reducer, intermediate and end air coolers, a set of pipes for connecting a compressor with intermediate air coolers, a lubrication system, a throttle valve, a check and anti-surge valve, an electric motor and an automatic control system.

The K-250 turbocharger is a single-cylinder centrifugal single-suction compressor. The compressor consists of the following main elements: rotor, liner support, liner support-thrust, diaphragms, seals, housing, foundation frames, devices for rolling out liners, axial-shift relay (installed inside the housing-thrust bearing.

Our organization performs repair of various types of turbochargers