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Repair of vacuum pumps

Our organization carries out repair of vacuum pumps of various types.

The main direction of vacuum pumps is the creation of a vacuum in devices, installations or systems, as well as the maintenance of such a state in them. Vacuum pumps are divided into several types.

Vacuum diffusion steam oil. This type of pump is obliged to pump out air or other gases that cannot affect the pump itself, or rather, the materials of its design and pumping fluid. For such pumps, it is important to observe the temperature regime, which should be in the range from 10 to 30 ° C. Vacuum oil is used as the working fluid. A scope of this type of pumps - industrial installations, laboratory devices.

Water ring vacuum pumps. The main task is to pump out vapors and gases that are not active in relation to cast iron, and to create a vacuum space. For these units, the working fluid is water.

Vacuum spool valves - these units must pump out air, vapor-gas mixtures and non-aggressive gases, which must be relieved of condensed moisture. They should also be free from mechanical impurities. Favorable ambient temperature for these pumps is from 10 to 35 ° C.

Lamellar-rotary units are designed to work with sealed spaces from which air is removed, various steam-gas mixtures and non-aggressive gases. In this case, they should also be free from mechanical impurities and condensed moisture.

Diaphragm pumps are designed for clean pumping of air and non-aggressive gases, without the use of oils. They are more environmentally friendly, easy to install and operate. Therefore, membrane vacuum pumps are most often used in medical equipment, devices for processing agricultural products, chemical and printing equipment.

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