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Repair screw (auger) pumps

Our organization carries out repair screw (worm) pumps.

Screw pump (auger pump) - a pump in which the movement of the pumped product and the necessary head are created by displacing the product with a metal screw rotor rotating inside an elastic stator. The screw pump is designed for pumping products of varying degrees of viscosity.

Screw pump (auger pump)

The main advantages of screw pumps (screw pumps):

  • pumping products with inclusions without damaging inclusions;
  • smooth flow of the pumped product at the outlet of the pump;
  • proportional to the speed of rotation of the rotor product flow (allows you to easily adjust the performance of the screw pump (screw metering pump));
  • the ability of the pump to self-priming the product from the depth (up to 7 meters);
  • low noise level during the operation of the screw pump.

Screw pumps (screw pumps) are used:

  • in the dairy industry for pumping cream, yogurt, kefir, sour cream and other dairy products;
  • in the confectionery industry for pumping jam, molasses, preserves, fillings, pastes;
  • in the oil and fat industry for pumping products based on oil and fat, mayonnaise, ketchup, sauces, etc .;
  • in the canning industry for pumping vegetable stews, fruit purees, tomato paste;
  • in other industries.