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Turbocharger repair. High-speed impeller type compressors

Our organization performs the repair of impeller type high-speed compressors.

And also: CV1, CV1A, CV1B, C250 / C350, CV2, EPF, CH5, CH6, C950, 2CII, 3CII, 4CI, 5CII, etc.

Simple rotor design: each rotor consists of one impeller and one drive gear — the rotor of each stage rotates at its own optimum speed. The small length of the rotor with one impeller and one gear minimizes the displacement of the center of gravity towards the impeller, and the short extended part under the bearing ensures the stability of the rotor.

Original impeller geometry. The original geometry of the impeller with tilting back and steep rounding, developed for the first time by IR, provides excellent pressure control in all possible operating modes.

Anti-corrosion resistance. The impellers of the compressor are made of high-grade stainless steel, characterized by high strength, anti-corrosion and anti-erosion properties.

Spline polygonal fit for securing. The original polygonal spline fit provides a secure fit when mounted on the shaft of both the impeller and the thrust hub of the gear, which makes it easy to assemble and disassemble. At the same time, the contact area is increased and the need to use keys-clamps, creating additional stresses, or shrink fit is eliminated.

Simple bearing design:

  • sliding bearings with fixed inclined liner. The short, extended part of the rotor allows the use of simple bearings with an inclined liner that have no moving parts. Annual inspection of bearings is not required.
  • thrust bearings. Thrust loads are characterized by predictability, unidirectionality and small value, which saves energy consumption. Residual thrust load is absorbed at each gear by a thrust bearing with a tapered liner with an oil wedge.

High-speed impeller type compressors