Gas and steam turbines, pumps, compressors and turbochargers
We work in all regions of CIS countries, Europe, US, Canada, Central and South America

LLC “SEC Kamerton”

Repair and adjustment of equipment

  • steam and gas turbines;
  • turbochargers:
  • draft-blow units (gas blowers, blowers, smoke exhausters, fans, etc.);
  • turbo blowers, exhausters, suction pumps, etc .;
  • high pressure centrifugal pumps (feed pumps, turbo feed pumps, etc.);
  • high pressure plunger hydraulic pumps (type G-305, MHP300 / 90, etc.);
  • piston compressors (AU 200, MK 20/200, 4 RK, etc.);
  • electric motors and generators with power from 30 kW to 300 MW;
  • calculation, manufacture and repair of heat exchangers.

Repair and adjustment of equipment

Special works

  • refilling of bearings with diameter from 20 to 900mm;
  • hanging turbine blades (shoveling);
  • determination of the moment weight of the working blades;
  • definition of natural frequencies of blades, packages, disks;
  • control of rotor geometry, calculation of rotor natural frequencies;
  • centering, twinning, shafting (riberovka half coupling).

Diagnostic service

  • periodic monitoring of the vibration condition of the equipment;
  • conducting vibration surveys in order to identify the causes of increased vibration of the supports;
  • work to determine the quality of the equipment supplied or the quality of its repair;
  • monitoring of the vibration state of the equipment during the post-repair period.

Dynamic balancing of components and assemblies

  • balancing in the place of installation of equipment without restrictions on weight, dimensions, power;
  • balancing units and assemblies weighing up to 10 tons on the machine;
  • modernization of balancing machines, repair.
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